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[Wednesday, January 2, 2008.
Happy new years everyone!

I know I'm late, but I hope everyone had a safe and fun new years! I have a few resolutions: to stop smoking, eat healthier, and lose weight (i know cliche, but whatever!)
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[Sunday, December 23, 2007.


all the cool kids are doing it.
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[Wednesday, May 16, 2007.
yes cha cha diva! Jaslene! AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL!
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[Thursday, September 8, 2005.
i retract my statement. we will do it this way. everybody except for spencer, lissa, kaycee, laura, mark, and tony take me off your list. thanks.

smidge of a friends cut. [Monday, July 18, 2005.
to the people i cut, you should know who you are.

- lets be real here, we don't talk like we used to. we were close..now we aren't. lets stop pretending. i believe i've made an honest effort to talk, but if you think i haven't i'm sorry. good luck w/ everything.

- you're a cool chic, i just haven't talked to you in ages and we were kind of just sitting on each others lists. i doubt you will even see this lol.
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Hola. [Sunday, September 12, 2004.
i'm willing to give this friends thing another try.
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